The UK has a special responsibility to protect refugees

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The EU’s latest response to the migrant crisis – as put forward in the European Agenda on Migration – marks a significant change in direction. Of course, it still outlines measures to prevent the arrival of immigrants. But it also argues for a permanent system to share the responsibility for large numbers of refugees among member states, and proposes an EU-wide resettlement scheme, offering 20,000 places to refugees.

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Beyond quotas: What else is new in EU migration policy?

May 15, 2015 by Webmaster · 1 Comment 

(IRIN) – The European Commission releases its long-awaited European Agenda on Migration on Wednesday, but a leaked draft of the new policy is already in circulation.

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Should Europe open its borders or shore them up?

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(IRIN) – This week promises to be an important one for Europe’s response to the migration crisis in the Mediterranean, where more than 1,800 migrants have lost their lives since the beginning of the year.

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Legal routes no easy fix to EU migration crisis

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(IRIN) – In a new column, Jeff Crisp, former policy chief at UNHCR and now an advisor with Refugees International, questions whether opening up more legal routes into Europe is really the silver bullet to the migration crisis in the Mediterranean many make it out to be.

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The EU’s ‘disappointing’ response to the migration crisis

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(IRIN) – A closer look at the list of commitments from Europe’s leaders after their hastily-arranged migrant crisis summit in Brussels reveals no substantial change in response and few measures likely to have any major impact on the flows of migrants and asylum-seekers trying to reach Europe.
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Festival of Ideas

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A weekend of workshops and talks by Open Generation, a project by Migrants’ Rights Network, dedicated to how young people feel about migration.

  • Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 April 2015
  • Autograph ABP, Rivington Place, London EC2A 3BA


Location map

Facebook event listing

Open Generation

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Migration for more money does not bring more happiness

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Do migrants from Eastern European countries become happier once they have settled in Western Europe?

A University of Leicester sociologist has investigated this question – and the answer might make potential migrants think twice before packing their bags.  Most migrants were no happier after migration – and migrants from Poland were significantly less happy.

In a paper published in  ‘Migration Studies’, Dr David Bartram analyses data from the European Social Survey of more than 42,000 people to try and determine whether happiness can be gained by moving to another country.

Dr Bartram’s research compared the happiness of migrants to the happiness of people remaining in the country the migrants had left (‘stayers’).

“Migrants from eastern Europe do not appear to have gained happiness via migration to western Europe.  Migrants are happier than stayers – but the analysis suggests that migrants were already happier than stayers, even prior to migration.  So, the happiness advantage of migrants doesn’t emerge as a consequence of migration; that advantage was already present before migration,” he said.

“In general, research on happiness indicates that people don’t make lasting gains in happiness when they gain an increase in their incomes”, said Dr Bartram.

“Migrants, however, might be able to increase their incomes quite a lot by moving to a wealthier country.  Even if they do, though, they might end up in a lower ‘relative’ position in the destination country – and relative position usually matters more for happiness than one’s ‘spending power’ or ‘absolute income’”.

Dr Bartram, of the Department of Sociology, found that migrants from Eastern Europe as a whole do not appear to have gained happiness by migrating to Western Europe. However, it depends on where the migrant comes from.

He said: “If average happiness is quite low in the origin country such as Russia and Turkey, then an increase in happiness would likely occur. However, for a country such as Poland where people are generally happier (at least in comparison to Russia, for example), there appears to be decrease in happiness for those who go to western Europe.”

Dr Bartram explains that his research is important for those who are considering migrating to a wealthier country in order to try and gain income and become happier.

“It raises the possibility that people who think life is better in wealthier countries – and who thus go to a wealthier county to try and improve their own lives – might be disappointed by what they experience there.”




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Zimbabwe needs you, or your cash

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The country is calling its children back, but most seem unwilling to risk returning to an unstable environment.

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Source: Mail & Guardian

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Family migration rules drive doctors out of UK

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Doctors who have kept the NHS going are leaving the UK to care for ageing parents overseas due to immigration rule changes, the BMA has warned.

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Source: BMA

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Miliband, migration and the market

March 15, 2013 by Webmaster · Leave a Comment 

Institute of Race Relations News continues its discussion with A. Sivanandan about Miliband’s policies.

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