Mr President

July 6, 2011 by Webmaster 

Echoes of discord reverberate
In the vicinity of animosity!
The music of hate plays
To the audience of its victims!

The hate-filled morons strings
The violins setting the agenda of humanity!
Slaughtered human flesh gives taste
To the buds of the cannibals!

Without free freedom
Tensions abound,
Brutality consolidates!
Spears sharpen!
And daggers are drawn
For what,
Whose war?
In this sweet democracy!

In this remoteness and emptiness
Of free movement
Hymns and rhymes of dissent dwell!
Recitation long curtailed!

In this bankruptcy of humanity
Human blood from the canals of
Slit open veins flow!
Washing away the records of mischief
Into the oceans of history!

In the Goromonzi palace of torture
A bird of peace languishes!
With a battered soul
And a determination
To expose the junta for what it is!

In this dumbness and deafness of society
The rule of man takes over that of law!
The noose tightens
On the throat of freedom
And with it freedom disappears!

Weeks on end
Soldiers miscount the numbers
Of a plebiscite in dispute

In the shrewdness of autocracy
Souls and emotions are chained!
To the whip that restrict!
Self emancipation!

Written jointly by Chinofunga Ndoga and Tendai Gakanje who both are human right activists with ROHR (Restoration of Human Rights Zimbabwe) Yorkshire branch

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